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Amendment of Taxes for Capital Market Investors

I-Trade welcomes you to an entirely different experience in the world of trading. We offer personalized service, timely execution of trades, economical commission and an outstanding customer support desk.

I-Trade is the online brokerage arm of IGI Securities. Through I-Trade we provide state-of-the-art transaction processing and real time information delivery to help our customers invest their money to achieve their financial objectives.

About Us
Introduction to I-Trade
I-Trade is the online trading application offered by IGI Finex Securities Limited. This application provides retail investors a user friendly online trading system through which investors can easily invest in the Karachi Stock Exchange. I-Trade also provides consulting services by helping customers recognize opportunities for investing in particular stocks by researches and traders.

I-Trade provides following advanced features:
  • Current market information for different stocks and exchange statistics are provided through a number of views e.g. Market Watch, Waterfall Ticker, Exchange Watch and Time of Sale etc.
  • Buy and Sell orders can be placed and users can also modify/cancel their pending orders. Client margin is checked in real-time during order entry
  • Outstanding Orders and Transaction List views are maintained which keeps record of all pending orders and executed trades respectively. A file is also maintained keeping record of all of the current day trades
  • Client can view his/her current clearing portfolio and different reports are also provided to show custody positions and day trades
  • Advanced charting module is provided containing Stock and Index graphs
  • All the views can be customized according to user preferences and the customizations persist even after exiting from the application and are restored on start up
How Does I-Trade Work?
Any person wishing to trade on Karachi Stock Exchange can sign up for I-Trade.

You can download the Account Opening Form by clicking the “Downloads” button on I-Trade home page and send completed form with relevant documents and a cross cheque to (payee) “IGI Finex Securities Ltd.”

You can fill out the feedback form on I-Trade website or call the I-Trade Helpline (0800 2 34 34) for further assistance.

Minimum Account Opening amount to open an I-Trade Gold Account is Rs. 200,000/- and Silver Account is Rs. 25000/-

Services offered by I-Trade
  • Real-Time access to Karachi Stock Exchange
  • Instant 24-hour access to your account balance, portfolio holdings, statements, stock quotes, news and research
  • I-Trade provides application and web based trading interfaces.
  • I-Trade provides transaction in all market types i.e. Regular, CFS, Future and Provisional
  • Online access to withdraw unutilized funds from your account
  • COI (Certificate of Investment) for fixed interest
  • Innovative Commission Structure and progressive rates
  • Full access to Research, advice and Toll Free Customer Services (0800-2-34-34)
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