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What is I-Trade?
What is I-Trade?
I-Trade is software based Internet stock trading service. An I-Trade account provides a 24-hour connection to access to your account balances and portfolio holdings, statements, stock quotes, news and research.
Who can sign up for I-Trade?
Any person wishing to trade on the Pakistan Stock Exchange can sign up for I-Trade.
How do I sign up for I-Trade?
You can start by clicking the Account opening icon on our home page, www.i-trade.com.pk.The whole process takes just a few minutes.
If you need assistance, call the I-Trade Call Center 0800-2-34-34
Why should I join I-Trade?
The electronic service provides valuable and timely information about your account that can help you and your Broker work more closely to reach your financial goals.
Can I trade electronically with I-Trade?
Yes, if you are signed up for I-Trade and have received a user ID and password from us. Please note that after signing up for I-Trade, you can place trades only online.
Are the market quotes real-time or delayed?
The market quotes and order placement quotes are real-time for I-Trade clients.
Is account information on I-Trade secure?
Absolutely! When you visit the I-Trade site and provide your ID and password, your session is encrypted at the X-bit secure level - even if your browser is a Y-bit browser.
What kind of customer service can I expect from I-Trade?
The I-Trade Help line 0800-2-34-34 is available any time to sort out any problems that you may face.
How do I contact customer service if I reside outside Pakistan?
Clients residing outside Pakistan can send an email detailing your query to us or by dialing I-Trade Help line from outside Pakistan.
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