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Amendment of Taxes for Capital Market Investors
What is I-Trade?
What is I-Trade?
I-Trade is software based Internet stock trading service. An I-Trade account provides a 24-hour connection to access to your account balances and portfolio holdings, statements, stock quotes, news and research.
Who can sign up for I-Trade?
Any person wishing to trade on the Pakistan Stock Exchange can sign up for I-Trade.
How do I sign up for I-Trade?
You can start by clicking the Account opening icon on our home page, www.i-trade.com.pk.The whole process takes just a few minutes.
If you need assistance, call the I-Trade Call Center 0800-2-34-34
Why should I join I-Trade?
The electronic service provides valuable and timely information about your account that can help you and your Broker work more closely to reach your financial goals.
Can I trade electronically with I-Trade?
Yes, if you are signed up for I-Trade and have received a user ID and password from us. Please note that after signing up for I-Trade, you can place trades only online.
Are the market quotes real-time or delayed?
The market quotes and order placement quotes are real-time for I-Trade clients.
Is account information on I-Trade secure?
Absolutely! When you visit the I-Trade site and provide your ID and password, your session is encrypted at the X-bit secure level - even if your browser is a Y-bit browser.
What kind of customer service can I expect from I-Trade?
The I-Trade Help line 0800-2-34-34 is available any time to sort out any problems that you may face.
How do I contact customer service if I reside outside Pakistan?
Clients residing outside Pakistan can send an email detailing your query to us or by dialing I-Trade Help line from outside Pakistan.
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How to Cancel the Pending Orders During a system failure?
A. In case of system failure affecting orders, the customer complaints received from traders and customer support are forwarded to RMD.

B. RMD checks the orders placed on KATS.

C. In case where orders are executed, the customers are informed accordingly through respective traders / customer support.

D. In case where orders are not executed, RMD requests the IT department to cancel the pending orders.

E. Subsequent to cancellation of pending orders the customers are informed of cancelled orders through respective traders / customer support.

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