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Amendment of Taxes for Capital Market Investors
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IGI Finex Securities Limited, in association with Mobilink introduces Stock Pro
Economic Growth, The Indian Route
IGI Securities Holds Seminar On The Future Prospects Of Commodity & Stock Markets
IGI Financial Services at the Dawn life style
IGI Launches I-trade
IGI Securities initiates "Investment Challenge Game"
IGI Finex Securities Limited, in association with Mobilink introduces Stock Pro
IGI Finex Securities Limited, in association with Mobilink GSM, is introducing the first mobile trading platform that allows you to trade anytime, anywhere. With the new Mobilink Stock Pro application, customers can get ready to take stock trading out of the office and into the coffee shops-or anywhere else in over 5500 destinations nationwide. It will grant customers fast access to view real-time market information through their Mobilink network service provider, giving them the flexibility and availability to be in permanent contact with the markets - while on the move.

Trading Confirmation SMS Service through IGI Securities

IGI Securities is introducing an SMS service that will instantly confirm any trading transactions made by investors—anytime, anywhere. Whether they buy or sell, investors will be able to validate their trade, almost immediately after they make their transaction. Investors can avail this new SMS service by enrolling their cell phone numbers on the IGI Securities website: www.igisecurities.com.pk, calling the toll free call center at 0800-2-34-34 or simply giving instructions while opening a trading account with IGI Securities.

This new service will provide investors with the peace of mind that their trading transactions have been executed, whether they are trading through a broker or an online internet trading system like I-Trade. IGI Securities has always been determined to offer highly innovative services to its clients and this new SMS feature is just another effort in this direction.

IGI Securities Limited is determined to become the leading brokerage firm in Pakistan by providing innovative services. IGI Securities is a wholly owned subsidiary of IGI Investment Bank and a part of the IGI Financial Services Group which offer services including Investment Banking, Insurance, Brokerage and Asset Management.



Greenwich wins the IGI Investment Challenge Game

An award ceremony was held at the IGI Securities Ltd. office at the Forum for the winners of the IGI Investment Challenge Game.

Greenwich University was the winner of the contest with a cash balance of Rs. 6,365,670/-. This amount translates into an impressive 27.3% return in a short time of 8 weeks. National University of Modern Language (NUML) was the runners up with a closing portfolio of Rs.6,155,400/- and the Karachi Institute of Economics and Technology (PAF-KIET) ranked 3rd with a cash balance of Rs. 5,920,415/-. Kudos to the students - Fazalih Hasan, Shiraz ul Hassan, Waqar Younus, Waqar Yousuf and their teachers who demonstrated that there is enormous potential among the youth of our country.

The winning team was presented with a cheque of Rs. 100,000/- while NUML and PAF-KIET received a cheque of Rs. 50,000 and Rs. 25,000/- respectively. Mr. Tanvir Abid, Head of Institutional Equity Sales at IGI Securities Ltd handed out the awards to the winning teams.

The IGI Investment Challenge Game offered students the opportunity to gain insight into the dynamics of the financial and capital markets in Pakistan and put their aptitude to the test. For the 1st time in Pakistan, About 140 students from 25 prestigious educational institutions competed on online integrated trading software called I trade which was used to provide a real time trading experience to students nationwide. Each team of 4 contestants was given a virtual portfolio of Rs. 5000, 000/- to start the contest. The game involved the use of supporting features like equity trading limit / stop orders, margin-like functionality and short selling providing students letting students virtually test any trading strategy without risk.

The CEO of IGI Securities Rizwan Butt expressed his appreciation to the participating institutions who took part in the competition with immense interest and made it possible for the IGI Investment Challenge Game to be a success. “We are receiving calls from institutions all over the country for the next IGI Investment Game Challenge” he said.

IGI Securities, a full service brokerage house of IGI Financial Services, dedicated to provide quality services is proud to have organized the IGI Investment Challenge Game. It is hoped that this contest achieved its goal of providing students with the knowledge and experience to make better investment decisions in the future. For more information please log on to www.igisecurities.com.pk or call our toll free no. 0800-23434.

Economic Growth, The Indian Route

IGI Securities Limited invited Mr. A Murugappan from India for a 3 day session to speak on pertinent topics relating to the developing Indian economy. Mr A Murugappan, Executive Vice President and the Head of the Equities team at ICICI Securities Limited, one of India’s leading Investment Banks is a Cambridge educated lawyer with over 13 years experience in stock broking, investment banking and private equity in UK and India.

Mr. Murugappan made his arrival here in Karachi on 9th August, 2007. For each of the 3 days he was here, Mr. Murugappan had a 90 minute session at the IGI Securities office located at the Forum in Karachi speaking extensively on the Growth Drivers of the Indian Economy and the Development of the Indian Capital Markets. As Pakistan is progressing on a similar route towards development, these topics were chosen to learn about the opportunities and hurdles faced by the Indian Economy on its path to development.

On his visit, Mr. Murugappan pointed out that there is a great similarity in the economic structure of Pakistan and India in terms of currency, education levels and culture and the two countries can benefit significantly by sharing securities based research. He remarked on how Indian economy and Indian Capital Markets have developed over time and how Pakistan’s economical structure is built along an identical framework.

The session was attended by Senior IGI Securities officials and selected invitees from associated companies like the Packages Group, ICI and Engro. Mr. Javed A Hasan, Executive Director of IGI Investment Bank Limited also spoke on the occasion. He said that Mr. Murugappan’s visit was a corner stone in laying the foundation towards a progressive business relationship between the 2 companies.

IGI Securities Limited , part of IGI Financial Services provides quality brokerage services for both managed and self-directed trade. IGI Securities is a wholly owned subsidiary of IGI Investment Bank, part of the Packages Group. To find out more, you can call toll free at 0800-2-34-34.

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IGI Securities Holds Seminar On The Future Prospects Of Commodity & Stock Markets

Faisalabad , July 06, 2007: IGI Securities conducted a seminar on the future prospects of Stock and Commodity Markets at the Chenab Club. The speakers at the Seminar were Mr Tanvir Abid, Head of Institutional Sales of IGI Securities Limited and Mr. Mansoor Ali, Chief Operating Officer of the National Commodity Exchange Limited.

At the Seminar Mr. Tanvir Abid spoke about the increasing potential of the stock market for investment with improvements in research and reporting and the involvement of regulatory bodies. He commended the performance of the KSE as one of the highest yielding stock markets of Asia . He further added that the year 2007 has shown remarkable results for equity Investors and the future potential of capital inflow looks bright. Mr. Mansoor Ali gave an elaborate overview of the Commodity Exchange Market in Pakistan and highlighted the Future prospects of the Commodity Exchange as an important catalyst in the development of capital markets. The seminar ended with dinner being served.

The session provided an insight into the future prospects of Investments in Pakistan . This Seminar was part of IGI Securities initiative to educate business men and potential investors about the financial atmosphere in Pakistan and equip people with the knowledge to be able to make effective investment decisions and the importance of the capital and equity markets as part of their investment portfolio.

IGI Securities Limited is a wholly owned Subsidiary of IGI Investment Bank Limited (previously First International Investment Bank –INTERBANK). Part of IGI Financial Services; a dynamic partnership of 4 companies, IGI Securities has been providing quality brokerage services since 1994. For more information log on to www.igisecurities.com or call toll free at 0800-23434.

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IGI Financial Services at the Dawn life style

IGI Financial Services participated in the Dawn Lifestyle Exhibition 2007 held on the 22nd, 23rd and 24th June 2007 at the Karachi Expo Center. The participating organizations were IGI Investment Bank Ltd, IGI Insurance Ltd, and IGI Securities with their respective brands (Fund Select, Travel, Fire, Marine, Auto Insurance and I-Trade).

This was the seventh successful year for the “All about Lifestyles” Exhibition in which companies belonging to different arenas gathered to display & promote their services. The ambience was that of a gala full of people, music, games; the turn out like every year was substantial and the dedication of our team at the IGI Financial Services stall made the event a success for us.

IGI Financial Services is a dynamic family of diversified companies belonging to the Packages Group that provides investment banking, insurance, asset management and full service brokerage in stocks and securities to a variety of customers nationwide. You can call us toll free at 0800-23434 to speak to our representative.

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IGI Launches I-trade
IGI Securities Limited goes another extra mile to provide its clients with a fully integrated online trading platform “I-Trade”- a true synthesis of tradition and technology with advanced trading systems in place. Clients will now be able to access and manage their accounts via a secured user friendly interface from their personal computers. I-trade enables customers to trade conveniently anytime, anywhere with access to a range of analytical tools, news updates and stock alert service as well as the option of broker assisted services.

Building on the initiative of culturing a financial atmosphere among the youth of Pakistan, IGI Securities has introduced I-trade with a limited time offer where customers can open an account with just Rs. 25,000 and at an extremely competitive commission fee of only 0.05% which is the lowest in the entire brokerage industry. Previously, IGI Securities was the first company in Pakistan to initiate the IGI Investment Challenge Game that allowed participating teams to invest in an online trading account with a virtual portfolio of Rs. 5,000,000. The purpose of this contest was to create interest, educate and assist the young people of Pakistan to make better investment decisions in the future.

I-trade will provide customers with additional value added services like

Nationwide Call Center Facility
Our Call Center agents are available to respond to any queries and provide you assistance for your online brokerage requirements; you can call our toll free number at 0800-2-34-34.

Broker Assisted Trade
You will have a designated account officer to coordinate with you and answer your account and trade related queries.

Trading Platform Options
I-trade offers both Desktop and Web-based trading platforms and equips you to build your own trading environment so you can monitor your stocks in real time, place orders and manage your account from your personal computer

Stock Alerts
I-trade will also offer customers with the option of subscribing to the I-trade stock alerts. Through this service, you can receive daily emails and SMS alerts for closing prices, confirmations, recent announcements and analyst recommendations. You can also log on to www.I-trade.com.pk for more information.

IGI Securities Limited is determined to become the leading brokerage firm in Pakistan by providing excellence in innovative services. Our corporate culture has its foundation in a customer oriented approach, innovation and flexibility while maintaining the highest standards of professionalism and ethical values.

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IGI Securities initiates "Investment Challenge Game"

IGI Investment Challenge Game is a contest organized by IGI Securities Limited from March 19th to May 14th 2007. This is a first of its kind Investment Challenge Game introduced in Pakistan

Being part of Pakistan's financial sector, we recognize that financial literacy can provide real-world content, as well as a context for individual student improvement. Keeping this in view IGI Securities has designed a cutting edge program "IGI Investment Challenge Game"; that is sure to 'make a difference' by enabling students to implement decision-making skills and become wise and knowledgeable consumers, savers, investors, users of credit, money managers, citizens, and members of a global workforce and society.

The Investment Challenge Game will be initiated by I-Trade - an on-line trading platform of IGI Securities. The teams are required to invest in stock market portfolio funds; our system connects to a real-life data feed, allowing students to invest in an online trading account with Rs. 500,000 of virtual cash.

The IGI stock market game supports equity trading limit/stop orders, margin-like functionality, short selling giving students an opportunity to test virtually any trading strategy without risk. The teams shall be assessed on their investment skills and the top 3 teams shall be rewarded for their efforts.

IGI Securities Limited is a full service securities brokerage house of IGI Financial Services, offering a broad array of financial broking services. Founded in 1994, IGI Securities has been providing customers access to a wide range of financial instruments, including futures, foreign exchange, equities, options, bonds and other funds.

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